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By shopismylife.com 29 September 2023

From the 90s fashion trends, flared jeans are currently fashionable. Flares are once again in style, and plenty of celebs are seen wearing them. Wide bell bottoms and flare jeans that gradually flare out from the knee and downward, closely resembling bootcut jeans, are only two examples of the many variants of flare jeans. The most amazing thing about flared jeans is that they come in a variety of lengths. For example, you may choose a size that touches the floor if you want to cover your shoes, or you can choose one that is a few inches above the floor to show them off.

See all the shoe designs that go well with flared jeans in the list below, then select a pair that is like your wardrobe and go for your outing.

6 Shoe Styles to Wear With Flared Jeans

1. Ankle Boots

When it comes to shoes to pair with flare jeans, ankle boots are always a solid option. They may be worn with just about everything and give the outfit a little edge. If you want to look more laid-back, wear your flared jeans with a t-shirt or sweater, a pair of ankle boots, and a casual top. Try wearing them with a blazer or button-down shirt for a dressier appearance. Ankle boots are the perfect option for winter because they keep the foot warm as well. Additionally, most ankle boots are comfy, allowing you to walk for extended periods.

2. Heels

A pointed pump is a terrific technique to prevent your shoes from getting lost in the crowd when wearing long pants, especially flares, which frequently hide more of the foot. When you want to dress up your appearance, heels are a smart option every time. Any ensemble they add can look more professional and put together. You look more feminine and dressier when wearing heels. Additionally, heels are great if you want to add height to your overall appearance.

3. Sneakers

Slip-on as well as sneakers are hard to beat when it comes to fashionable, cozy shoes that won’t ever slow you down. They are ideal to wear underneath a cropped flare because they are frequently less thick than other choices.

They go with almost everything and are comfortable. Furthermore, you can choose the ideal pair to go with your flare jeans because they are available in a range of colors and styles. To prevent the hem from dragging while you walk, no matter which pair of pants you choose, make sure the bottom hits at or just below the ankle.

4. Flat Sandals

Another fantastic option for shoes to pair with bell bottoms is flat sandals. They are practically universal and go with anything. When you don’t want to wear boots in the heat, flat sandals are especially advised.

Additionally, you can choose the ideal pair to complement or contrast your flare jeans because they are available in several colors and styles. A relaxed pair of sandals or flip-flops are a wise choice if you’re wearing flared jeans in warmer weather because they’ll keep you cool and give your outfit a sporty 90s or early 2000s attitude.

5. Platform Shoes

Platforms are a terrific choice to take into consideration if you’re seeking footwear that is both fashionable and contemporary. They also slightly heighten you, giving you the appearance of being taller and leaner. Platforms are also available in a wide range of colors and styles and are often the ideal choice for hot environments. The added height of platform shoes, which are still popular, ensures that the bottoms of your flared jeans won’t drag on the ground.

6. Wedges and Flatforms

Another great shoe option for wide-leg jeans, including bell bottoms, is a wedge, especially if you want to maintain the 1970s aesthetic. Flare pants look great with wedge heels or even flatforms since they give you that extra lift while relieving pressure on your feet’s balls. Pick a cork base for a relaxed, unpretentious appearance!

It’s critical to wear the appropriate footwear with flared jeans. Because you need to make sure that your pants don’t rip, and the hem of your jeans is not hidden by the boot. Hoping you’re able to decide which footwear to go with your flared jeans.


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